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The Admissions Process

For Excellent Short Term Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Care, contact our Admissions Director who will expedite your discharge plans. 


Our Admissions Committee reviews each application for admission to Ozanam Hall. Ozanam Hall does not have a waiting list.  Admission to Ozanam Hall is determined by your needs first and then by the availability of a bed. Availability of beds varies from day to day.


In order for our Admissions Committee to consider your placement in Ozanam Hall, a Patient Review Instrument (PRI) must be completed. The PRI provides pertinent information regarding the medical/rehabilitation needs of the patient. If you are in the hospital ask the Discharge Planner to fax the PRI to us.


If your family member is at home, the PRI will have to be completed by a Registered Nurse assessor or an agency that performs this service.  Our staff can assist you with this.

Once You Have Selected Ozanam Hall

Throughout the Admissions Process, our Admissions Director, Diane Torres, is available to answer your questions and to let you know what information is needed for our Admissions Committee.


Diane can be reached at  (718) 971-2621 or

via email at admissions@ozanamhall.org.


Our Admission Staff will do everything possible to facilitate admission. Ozanam Hall admits residents without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, or disability. Ozanam Hall abides by all applicable Local, State and Federal Regulations