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Visitor Schedule and Coronavirus Information

 March 25, 2020



Dear Residents, Friends, and Family:


Please know that we are working with knowledgeable health care professionals and our local health department to provide the appropriate care and to prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus.   In keeping with our philosophy of maintaining open communication concerning resident safety and to ensure that you have accurate information, please note that some residents in our Home, as well as many in multiple surrounding Nursing Homes, have tested positive for the COVID-19 illness.  As with many illnesses which we manage, should these cases become severe requiring hospitalization appropriate transfers will take place.  However, in many cases, this illness may be managed and resolved by appropriate care and precautions.


Ozanam Hall’s dedicated professionals will, in accordance with state and federal laws, notify family and representatives in the event that a resident is suspected to have, or has been diagnosed with, COVID-19.  If you are not a family member or representative of such a resident, we are not permitted to release information regarding the identities of these such residents.  Rest assured that we provide care to each of our residents with the highest degree of compassion and we remain diligent and dedicated in the care required to treat this infectious virus. 


Our staff continues to take all appropriate and necessary precautions to reduce the risk of further exposures.  We will also continue to monitor this situation and will provide further updates as may be necessary.  It is important that you understand that the COVID-19 illness may be managed and properly addressed in a nursing home setting.  Although such residents do not need to be placed into an airborne infection isolation room, we have highly trained staff who adhere to infection control procedures as required by CDC and DOH for communicable diseases.  In these areas, staff is dedicated to care for these residents during their shift. We are also limiting transport and movement of residents outside of the room for medically essential purposes.



We recognize this is may be a difficult time for everyone, including those in the Ozanam Hall family.  Should you have questions regarding this ongoing situation, please contact us.  We ask that you please do not call the units directly.  We can be reached as follows:
   (see top of page COVID 19 and/or caption to contact us)

      718  971-2707/08     (Creative Activities, if you would like to schedule Facetime with your loved one)

      718  971-2629/32/33/34 (Social Workers)

      718 971-2755/3/4           (Nursing Administration/Infection Control)

      718 971-2610                 (Administration Office)


We thank you for your cooperation and understanding during these times.



                      Sister J. Catherine Raymond                                                Sister M. Philip Ann Bowden

                   Sister J. Catherine Raymond, CEO                                                  Sister Philip Ann, Administrator






Update 3/20/2020


To Our Residents, Families & Visitors,

Ozanam Hall Employees are essential Healthcare personnel and are except from the Governor’s stay at home mandate.  We expect our employees to report to work as scheduled.

Our focus remains on doing what we do best; i.e. keeping our Residents, visitors, and staff safe.  Be assured that we are prepared, our protocols are updated daily, and we have clinical and operational plans in place, for each phase of COVID-19.


Thank you for your patience and cooperation.




    Our Visitor Policy, Effective 3/18/2020, is as follows:


For the safety of our residents and in compliance with CDC, CMS and New York State Dept. of Health requirements, all visitations to Ozanam Hall have been restricted.  We understand this restriction is difficult for you, but due to current world wide health concerns, we know you understand our position.

 We have implemented the following protocols for the safety and health of all:

·        There are no visitations permitted with the exception of Calvary Hospice visitors which allows for no more than two visitors per person at one time.  Visitors’ temperature taken must be less than 100° Fahrenheit, a short questionnaire must be satisfactorily completed, a mask will be given and must be worn while in the facility.  Visit is restricted to their loved ones’ room only.  

·        All staff and authorized healthcare personnel have their health status assessed, temperatures taken and masks donned before they are allowed to access the facility.


·        For the safety of our Residents, no outside food is permitted.

We take this health situation extremely seriously and are making every effort to maintain the health and safety of all involved.  We ask you to do the same.




Ozanam Hall Revised Security Protocols

Updated 3/16/20 Revised                                                   

For the safety of our residents and to comply with New York City requirements, all visitations to Ozanam Hall have been restricted.  We understand this restriction is difficult for you and our residents, but under the current health concerns for our residents we believe you understand.

We have implemented the following security protocols for the safety of our residents:

·       There are NO VISITATIONS for Residents with the EXCEPTION of Calvary Hospice.

·       ALL STAFF and Calvary Visitors must answer a short Survey Questionnaire prior to entrance to facility at security post.

·       Temperature will be taken before being granted access to the facility.

·       All Staff and Calvary Visitors are REQUIRED to wear a mask.  

·       Calvary Visitors once permission to facility is granted, must wear mask and ID Badge provided.

Residents Discharges: When Family arrives to pick-up a discharged resident, they are to wait at the front doors. Security will call the floor and tell them that the family for the resident is here waiting for the resident to be brought down and the resident will meet the family at the door.

All Volunteer services have been suspended at this time, until further notice.


                           UPDATED  3/12/2020




Our primary priority is to maintain the health and safety of our Residents as we continue to monitor the evolution of COVID-19.

In our efforts to protect our Residents, we have initiated a strict visitation policy.  Visitation to our Residents will no longer be permitted until further notice.  There will be no exceptions.

If you are scheduled for a Care Plan Meeting  for your Resident, please ensure your Social Worker has been given your preferred phone number and a time that can best accommodate the Care Plan meeting via teleconference.

CALVARY HOSPICE visitors are restricted to visitation on the unit.  Required ID must be worn while on the premises.


Thank you for your patience and cooperation.



A Note from our CEO and Administrator

March 09, 2020

To Our Residents, Families & Visitors,

To ensure a safe environment for Ozanam Hall Residents and visitors, amid the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in New York, we have updated the Resident and visitor polices.  As this situation is still evolving, please check this page for policy changes before each visit.

While we understand the important role that family members and visitors play in the Resident’s life, the new policies aim to balance the needs of Residents while maintaining a safe environment for all.

Our focus remains on doing what we do best; i.e. keeping our Residents, visitors, and staff safe.  Be assured that we are prepared, our protocols are updated daily, and we have clinical and operational plans in place, for each phase of COVID-19.

If you have cold or flu-like symptoms, such as but not limited to fever, lower respiratory infection, shortness of breath, cough, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, please do not visit.

For Visitors and Caregivers

  • Visitors must be at least 16 + years or older;
  • One visitor per Resident, per day;
  • Any visitor who is coughing, or shows other signs of illness, upon entering the facility will be asked to leave.
  • One family member is allowed to accompany each Resident to a necessary appointment;
  • Prior to entering Resident areas visitors will be screened if showing any symptoms. Sick visitors will be asked to leave.

Additional restrictions may be imposed based on the further impact of COVID-19.  Please check our website and informational material at the front desk.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Sister Joseph Catherine, CEO

Sister Philip Ann, Administrator


UPDATE March 11,2020




VISTING HOURS: 10:00AM - 3:00PM  No Exceptions!


Every effort to contain any communicable disease slows the spread and saves lives!


·       Ozanam Hall Residents – 1 visitor per day


·       Calvary Residents – 2 visitors per day


·       No pets allowed


·       Visitor must complete Infection Control 3 Survey:

-         If survey is acceptable, the visitor will sign the Daily Visitor log and proceed

-         If survey  is non-acceptable, the visitor will be asked to leave the building


Security will track the movement of all visitors to ensure the restriction in strictly enforced.


Visitors must leave at 3PM!



Thank you for your cooperation!


Ozanam Hall of Queens Nursing Home, Inc.

COVID-19 is cause for serious concern worldwide. It is spread from person-to-person by respiratory droplets between people who are in close contact with one another (about 3-6 feet).


This virus is spread in large droplets by coughing and sneezing.

·        Sanitize your hands upon entering the facility.

·        Cover your coughs or sneezes with a tissue or your sleeve (never your hand).

·        Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.

·        Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer 60% or greater when hands are not visibly dirty.

·        Avoid handshakes; instead smile, nodding or fist-bumping, slight bow.

·        Avoid kissing, hugging and socializing with other residents; If possible, maintain a minimum of three feet distance from the resident.

·        Use your knuckle to touch light switches, elevators buttons etc.

·        Open doors with closed fist or hip, DO NOT grasp the handle with your hand, unless no other way.


·        CALVARY residents- 2 visitors per residents.

·        Residents will not be permitted to go out on pass except for essential clinic appointment.





From the New York State Department of Health


Additional Useful Resources

It is expected that the spread of COVID-19 infections in the US will continue to increase.  It is essential that all nursing home owner/operators, administrators, and clinical staff maintain situational awareness about the disease, its signs and symptoms, where cases and outbreaks are occurring, and necessary infection prevention and control procedures by regularly visiting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and NYSDOH websites, as well as the NYSDOH Health Commerce System (HCS), to review the most up-to-date information for healthcare providers.

The following are links to up-to-date information:

Prevent Exposure to and Spread of Illness at the Nursing Home

Visitors to the nursing home may introduce COVID-19 infection into the nursing home if they are ill as a result of community transmission either internationally or in the US, or have had close contact (within 6 feet) to person(s) known to have or reasonably suspected of having COVID-19.

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